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With the exception of one guy who was decent and winds up a murder victim, we saw some sleazy guys here ready to spike drinks and all other sorts of nonsense.

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What was the author of this thinking regarding having the father shot dead during a carjack attempt? A girl reluctantly joins a dating service called Swipe on the strong advice of her sister and of course gets more than she bargained for.When nothing is done, she makes it her personal crusade to find the perpetrator.A bitter and greedy retired businessman is killed in a mysterious fall, and his adult daughter blames his manipulative and creepy but seductive new wife, Samantha. After a teenage girl is found murdered in a California town, a young woman is forced to prove her brother is innocent of the crime, discovering a disturbing dark side to the community and the hidden identity of the killer.Theresa’s (Jen Lilley) sudden departure has taken a toll on Brady emotionally.He can’t understand why Theresa would tear apart their family like this.It’s distressed to search for pot of gold that Josh Brolin got his run thirty years after in the movie ‘The Goonies’.Since by the time mentioned, he’s starred in preferably than 35 disparate films.See full summary » When Anna has a difficult time getting close to people, her sister creates a dating profile for her online.Anna starts to message a handsome man until she starts getting disturbing messages that a match is close by.Then the movie cuts to five years later, and sisters Anna (Anna Hutchison) and Sasha (Karissa Staples, who I was 99% certain was Samaire Armstrong through the whole movie) are both in college even though they look 30 years old.(One of them is.)Sasha reconnected with her current boyfriend Matt (Rhys Ward) via Swipe, which is totally different from Tinder because you swipe up and down instead of left and right.

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