Are amy bruni and adam berry dating


cast members Amy Bruni and Adam Berry have decided to leave Syfy‘s flagship unscripted series.

I’ve learned that the duo are teaming to develop a new show idea in the paranormal space.

🙂 Why did you and Adam choose to leave Ghost Hunters?

Click here for the announcement and details from Pilgrim. Ultimately, the toll that traveling for the show and the sometimes unpredictable schedule that came with it, proved to be too much for us in light of family and other obligations. Personally, it was time to move on to other things and for new adventures.I love investigating and will always do that no matter what.Amy and I are a team and I cannot imagine being on TAPS without her by my side.Everything just kind of fell into place perfectly, and because of family stuff, and when it was getting taxing to be on the road so much, we both were like, “Well I don’t want to do it without you.” And she was like “I don’t want to do it without you,” so it was the obvious thing [that if] something else came along, it would be great to do it as a team. Even though it was really awesome and I love doing the research and all that fun stuff, now we have these families and they’re looking at us for true answers, and there’s a lot more pressure to get it right.Because I think we work well together, and I think we do get results, and it’s weird. I think we knew that was coming and we’ve done that a lot off-camera, but these cases were just so intense and it was tough.I got married, and started a non-profit theatre company, another passion of mine since age six, and now by putting this one chapter behind me, I am able to pursue other artistic endeavors.I thank Jay for choosing me from Ghost Hunters Academy.Financially, it was taking a toll on us as well as emotionally.When my daughter took her first steps while I was away filming, that was a wake up call for me., premieres Friday, October 21 on TLC, and the two sat down for an exclusive interview about their new show, the new direction they’re taking with paranormal investigations, and how well the pair work together due to the personal bond they’ve formed as a paranormal dream team.Think of them as sort of the paranormal version of the , if you’re old enough to remember that cartoon.

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