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However, Nick did not believe in magic or enough in himself to become a Ranger at the same time that the others did.

The series is based on The Slap, a 2008 multi-award winning novel by Australian author Christos Tsiolkas, which explores what happens when a man slaps a child, who is not related to him, at a suburban barbecue.

Filmed in Melbourne, Victoria, the series was produced by Matchbox Pictures' Tony Ayres, Helen Bowden and Michael Mc Mahon, with Penny Chapman serving as executive producer.

Bert and Falani encounter a racist cop, and to save Falani from imprisonment, Bert has to snitch on the anti-tour movement for Mc Carthy.

Going by the name Hone, he enlists in a protester group where meets Riana, who he falls for.

The powers of the Mystic Rangers are derived from beings known as the Ancient Titans, creatures with great elemental powers, symbolized by mythological creatures from various Earth mythologies on the Ranger's visors (the creatures being the phoenix, the sprite, the garuda, the minotaur and the mermaid). Ever since his parents have been away for business trips and other important things, he has been riding on his motorcycle from relative to relative.

To date, they are the only team of Rangers to not have some kind of team-up special with another Ranger team in their own season. Nick arrived in Briarwood to live with his sister on the same day that evil was unleashed.

The series begins as Rita West returns home from a stint in prison after taking the blame for her son Wolf shooting a member of the Horsemen in the finale of series one.

She finds that Wolf is now a prospect for the gang to maintain a truce with Ted's gang, and takes matters into her own hands to get her son back.

It wasn't until he had a vision of the other Rangers being badly beaten by Koragg the Knight Wolf that he returned to save them and accepted both the magic and his responsibilities.

He now possesses a strong sense of determination and duty - it was he who first decided to fight the dark armies even without his powers in Dark Wish, and who encouraged the others to continue the final battle against Morticon.

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