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Andrea Parker has been promoted to a series regular for the seventh season of “Pretty Little Liars,” Freeform announced Wednesday.The news comes the morning after the Season 6B finale, in which Parker was involved in a big plot twist: She is the twin of Rosewood, named Mary Drake, who had been teased by “PLL” creator Marlene King.She quit her career in ballet after three years of touring and trained to become an actress while working as a bartender.Her first documented film role was at age 19 in the movie Rented Lips in which she played a dancer/nurse. with Children as a Go-Go Dancer in 2 episodes – "Prom Queen: The Sequel" (1989) and "Prom Queen: Part 1" (1989).Andrea is incredibly sweet and has a big heart; she is also a very logical person, which leads to her feeling socially awkward and therefore adopting a more shy nature when trying to talk to other students.

It also was revealed that Drake has been working hand-in-hand with Dr.While best friends in the show, Benson and Mitchell are also best friends offscreen, dubbing their friendship with the nickname “Buttah Benzo.” “I never had a sister, but when I met Ash, she was like my little sis, and that just grew over the years,” said Mitchell.“We weren’t best friends when the show first started.Parker got her break in television playing a nurse on the award-winning Seinfeld episode "The Contest" in 1992.After that first speaking role, she had several other guest-starring roles in television series and movies, most notably a recurring role in ER as Linda Farrell, the love interest of Dr. She was a body double for Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman; hers are the legs seen in the opening scene of the main character zipping up her boots.on Saturday reunited for Paley Fest at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood to assure fans that after seven seasons, all will finally be revealed for what lies ahead for the liars — but it won’t be an easy road.“All the end games will be the end games, but they’re not going to get there easily,” said executive producer Marlene King of the show’s final 10 episodes.After The Pretender was cancelled by NBC in 2000, Parker did another guest spot on JAG before signing on to reprise her role as Miss Parker in the telemovies for The Pretender, which aired on TNT in 2001.She then returned to series television in 2002 and starred in the ABC comedy Less than Perfect, playing Lydia Weston until it was cancelled in 2006.During Tuesday’s finale, #Twin On PLL was trending on social media, as Parker’s storyline was revealed.Parker’s promotion clues in “Liars” fans on one sure thing: Mary Drake is not going anywhere next season.

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