American women dating czech men


Men here value practicality and are careful at planning, providing a sense of security.Also, compared to many Westerners, they have a balanced work and play relationship – even though they are fairly conservative, they take full advantage of their leisure time.Saturday’s Lidové noviny had an excellent feature by Nora Grundová that I’m just going to translate without comment: Czech Men, As Seen Through the Eyes of Foreign Women PRAGUE, July 10, 2004 – More and more foreign women are getting married to Czechs, and sometimes these women are in shock from their new partners.A Mexican, Jemeni, Syrian, Georgian, Canadian and a Brit told stories about what surprised them most – good and bad – about Czech men.This is because most of the people who have taken part in the discussion are men and besides, it opens up with the premise that it is probably because Czech girls want to learn to speak English.Understandably, this theory is debunked both tactfully and rudely as one might expect from any unmediated discussion on Planet Internet.

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The majority of people don't attend church as the culture is fairly secular.

Some of czech women dream to become czech bride who will marry true love from another country!

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For a North American man, Czech dating is definitely an activity worth pursuing first because of the numerous websites offering to hook him up with single women from the Czech Republic.

For another reason, Czech girls do enjoy dating American singles if various online discussion threads are to be believed.

Family is a key element of Czech Republic culture and traditional gender roles, in which the mothers cook and raise the children while the fathers bring home the proverbial bacon, is quite common.

But it’s also common to see fathers pushing strollers on the weekend giving mom a break as well!

Czech men don´t play games, can be quite direct, and are not afraid of commitment.

Combined with a sense of humor these features make them perfect partners for marriage.

When my girlfriend Chin-hua, who is from Hong Kong, began to talk about her new Czech boyfriend, I was of course interested to find out how he was different from other men she had known. “You see, when a Brit, Chinese or Indian holds you, he tells you: ‘You’re beautiful and I love you.’ When a Czech man holds me, he says, ‘You’re beautiful, I love you, but you’ve got to do something about those love handles.'” They come from various cultures with various expectations.

(In 2002, the freshest statistics available, 1,722 foreign women married Czechs).

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